The Utah Center for Neuroimage Analysis (UCNIA) contributes to the excellence of the University of Utah inimaging and image-based research by providing computational tools for quantitative image analysis.

Established in 2007, UCNIA offers consulting services for all types of medical and biological image analysis, including:

  • Computational infrastructure for image analysis
  • A repository for state-of-the-art image analysis tools
  • Expertise in clinical imaging studies
  • Training with image analysis methodology and tools
  • Support in pilot studies and validation
  • Advice in choosing optimal imaging technologies given specific measurement tasks
  • Organization of single and multi-site imaging research studies
  • Development of novel image analysis methodology driven by challenging applications

UCNIA brings end users another dimension of analysis for advanced imaging technologies and clinical imaging research conducted through the Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research and other basic and clinical research efforts affiliated with The Brain Institute at The University of Utah. The center works closely with the University’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and participates in the development of new methods and tools for image analysis, scientific computing and visualization.

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